ponedjeljak, 31. listopada 2016.

Not far from the truth

Three paintings made during four weeks staying at Gloart residency, Lanaken, Belgium. "Not far from th truth" 1,2 and 3. I started without a plan, but in the end it all became connected in a way.

"Not far from the truth 1", 120x100 cm

"not far from the truth 2", 190x115 cm

"Not far from the truth 3", 90x125 cm

srijeda, 12. listopada 2016.

work in progress

Staying at Gloart rezidency in Belgium I work on three paintings. This is my final week so photos of completed work are coming soon.

subota, 19. ožujka 2016.


The painting on which I've been working for last four months finally finished (at least I think so for now). It is still untitled, oil on canvas, 195x143 cm. It has no explnation, but for sure it is somethnig.. More photos of the whole procces of creation soon.